JAS Logistics

JAS Logistics is a subsidiary company of JAS Travel Group that aims to establish new standards in the conference and exhibition industry of Pakistan. Apart from providing air cargo services, we aim to bring buyers and sellers together at one platform to bridge the communication gap between them.

Services and Products

Customer Care

JAS Logistics encourages cross exchange of ideas. We have a dedicated team in our customer care department that is always ready to resolve all queries 24/7. Our team of experts formulates various ideas and potential avenues for the promotion of businesses and individuals to exhibit and cater to the requirements of the growing business ideas.


At JAS Travel Group we see exhibitions as an effective tool to bring together manufacturers, prospective buyers and the industry specialists. Our belief is that such exhibitions enhance the possibilities of reaching out to the people who would normally not be accessible.

For the exhibitors participating in the top notch exhibitions, it provides an opportunity to elevate their status and image. It is our notion that empowering virtues of physical display and face to face meetings are the best in establishing good working relationships.

Meetings & Events

Our experience, expertise and newly created strategies when combined with world class facilities ensure that your event is meticulously planned, coordinated and executed whether it’s a meeting or a conference, product launch or convention.

We offer a wide range of well-equipped venues, including a purpose-built art studio, visual and translation facilities as well as comprehensive partner entertainment programs.  We offer to meet and assist services at the airport and also provide assistance with the shipping and clearance of the event, materials and equipment.


Our conferences are designed to bring together leading industry professionals on specific matters pertaining to trade and industry. Our conferences go on a long way in offering a unique opportunity for developing a wide range of the professional relationships that promise long-term prospects. Expert panel presentations, keynote, addresses, exhibits and social events all provide an opportunity to interact with the leaders and innovators in various areas of interest.

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