A2A Direct

We offer premium agricultural export services and the products exported are wheat straw and grains, cotton waste and PET waste material. Our exceptional services help us succeed in the global market place. We facilitate relationships between buyers and sellers, and provide them with technical and financial assistance.

Within a decade of operations under the belt, we have developed and fostered excellent terms in the agricultural commodities sector, and are known for the value of our products. Our resources and expertise link us with a world of opportunities.

Our Exports

Cotton Waste Export

Two decades ago, cotton waste was of meager importance and was sold at very low rates but now it is a very useful raw material and is utilized in the making of wipers, dish cloth, mop rope, floor cleaning mops, towels, woven fabric and various other products. These products are exported at a much higher value, specifically to textile mills that are also recycling plants to reuse the cotton waste.

Wheat Straw

This is a crop leftover that is made up of stems and leaves residue from the harvesting of wheat. It is available in bulk and is most likely half of the harvest wheat crop. Wheat straw bears a very high nutrition value and is consumed in livestock feeding,

We supply wheat straw from different regions of the world. Our clients are served as the trusted business partners and are committed to the mutually shared value.


PET Waste Material Export

We are certified exporters of PET waste materials. PET waste is used in making fibers for clothing, substances used for making containers liquids and foods containers, and as useful material to make glass fibers for engineering resins.