Jas Travel Group ensures that its customers get the maximum benefit for choosing our services. Jas Travel Group has been able to partner with IATA airline members through which the authorization of selling tickets to both our domestic and international customers has become available.


IATA has a well-monitored system for safety that is used not only in the best interests of passengers but overall flight safety as well. The main instrument used for safety is IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and its recent successor, Enhanced IOSA. Through these mechanisms, IATA ensures that flying remains the safest mode of travel.


IATA has made efforts to ensure optimum security of the passengers and flights internationally. To keep up with the changing environments and avoid any kind of accidents, IATA constantly drives with innovation and develops systems that enable it to firmly carry out the standard security procedures.

Simplifying the Business

Simplifying the Business (StB) is a concept introduced by IATA in 2004 which is aimed to simplify the overall operations in the travel industry and create ease for the passengers that enhances their travelling experiences. Since its inception, StB has been the driving force in the establishment of E-Ticket, Bar Coded Boarding Pass and a range of self-service baggage options.

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