Al Hussam

JAS Travel Group is the honorary Hajj and Umrah partner of Al Hussam Company.  We maintain our reputation by providing world class facilities and comfort to the clients. The complete ‘Hajj and Umrah Package’ starts off with ticketing and ends with the return journey from the Holy land.

Services and Products 


Al Hussam Catering division was created to give high standard of catering services to guests from all over the world with variety of food and beverage products. It’s expanding and constantly improving with the excellent services and competitive prices, which places “AL HUSSAM” miles ahead of all competitors.


It is our purpose to contribute and serve the community in which it is situated by consistent demonstration of exemplary citizenship in the conduct of its business relationship following the laws and regulations of the Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Service Package

We meet all the requirements of our customers by means of providing persistent high quality services. Our services involve providing desirable, safe and functional hotels and buildings along with provision of transportation services. We also ensure the quality of excellent food from different markets and deliver services with superior performance and efficiency with the greatest integrity, friendless and empathy.

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