JAS Travel Group LLC

JAS travel group ranks among the top travel trade distributors that have been operating worldwide. It is growing at a steady speed in the travel industry and has been able to expand its network to the gulf countries. It is currently operating in the heart of Dubai, and is pretty much successful in nurturing the needs of tourists and providing them with the world-class facilities.

Having a diverse portfolio of travel products, the group is trusted by some of the most influential brands in the travel industry to market their products in Dubai. We understand the need of business and make sure to provide the outmost tailored services to our corporate clients. At JAS, we are constantly innovating new methods and techniques to benefit the travel industry and our partners in their journey.

We work on the vision of providing the utmost products to our client, while keeping in mind the need of their business.

We are the pioneer introducer of world-class travel products in Dubai that includes world’s top hotels, top class accommodations networks, and moderate packages of vacation spots and cruises. We work through a dedicated team of personals who think beyond the set benchmarks and aim to improve their efficiency.

To this day, we are growing faster than the industry average. Our secret of success lies in the immense creativity and innovation we adhere to our client’s businesses.

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