Aurora Travel Systems

Aurora Travel Systems, referred to as ATS is a venture owned by JAS Travel Group that provides a seamless airline ticket booking system for its travel partners. With quite many airlines on board with us, we specialize in providing a state-of-the-art booking system for our travel partners. At ATS, we aim to bridge the gap between travel agencies and international airlines in order to provide the end consumer in Pakistan the ease of travelling all over the world.

Key Expertise

Similar to other subsidiaries of JAS Travel Group, ATS is also equipped with devoted and expert staff that conducts the operations of our business with pure dedication and in the most professional manner as they understand the complexities and aim towards problem-solving and satisfying the needs of our customers. Our workforce network expands its wings across Pakistan ensuring a smooth service across the country.

Our Goals

ATS aims to represent new airlines to partner with and open new horizons for them in the flourishing Pakistani market. With our dedicated and professional team, we will represent these international airlines and market them to an already established clientele on a larger and broader scale.

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